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Five Year Program Review 2010-2015

Using the ACRL Standards for Libraries in Higher Education as a framework, the Harvey A. Andruss Library performed a Five Year Academic Program Review for the Years 2010 to 2015.

Vision of the Purpose of the Program and its Role in the University Mission

Vision of the Purpose of the Program and its Role in the University Mission

  • Describe how the program supports and is aligned with the Department, College, and University missions.  Please list each mission statement.
  • What is the department’s vision of where this program should be in five years, both within the university mission and within the academic discipline? 


The Library’s Mission is modelled directly after the University’s as is the Library’s new Strategic Plan, with outcomes that flow from the same four strategic directions:enhancing academic excellence, achieving excellence while ensuring financial sustainability, designing an enrollment vision, and fostering and developing a strong sense of community.

University Mission

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is an inclusive comprehensive public university that prepares students for personal and professional success in an increasingly complex global environment.

University Vision

Bloomsburg University aspires to:

  • be a premier public comprehensive university, recognized as a center of thinking, learning and academic excellence
  • anticipate and address the changing needs of the Commonwealth
  • be a diverse community that produces positive change
  • provide resources to maximize opportunities for success
  • be a good steward of our resources and the environment
  • develop individuals to be contributing citizens

Library Mission

The faculty and staff of the Andruss Library at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania facilitate and advocate for the exploration and creation of knowledge for personal and professional success.  

Library Vision

Be a leader –

on campus in advocating the exploration and creation of knowledge

in the PASSHE system as a provider of and guide to needed research materials

in the PASSHE system as provider of the library faculty and staff expertise to colleagues

Be a part of the larger dialogue about the effectiveness and quality of higher education

Library Strategic Plan

Modelled directly after the Bloomsburg University Strategic Plan, Impact 2017

Strategic Issue 1 - Enhancing academic excellence

  • Advocate for course-related and independent exploration and creation of knowledge within the disciplines and in general education
  • Build relationships that lead to information literate critical thinkers
  • Develop the library faculty as educators
  • Make available the human and material resources to facilitate and advocate for the exploration and creation of knowledge

Strategic Issue 2 - Achieving excellence while ensuring financial sustainability

  • While being good stewards of human and monetary resources and supporting the University's priorities
    • Make needed research materials available promptly and as seamlessly as possible
    • Maintain an environment, virtual and physical, conducive to learning and academic work
    • Develop the library staff and faculty and make best use of their talents and time
    • In concert with PASSHE library colleagues, choose consortial resources and systems and share expertise
  • Assist the University in securing new funding sources

Strategic Issue 3 - Designing an enrollment vision in terms of demand, program mix, and capacity

  • Support recruitment and retention of students, especially in targeted populations

Strategic Issue 4 - Fostering and developing a strong sense of community

  • Create communities of action where partnerships are formed and acted upon to further student and faculty learning
  • Create working environments that facilitate greater cohesion with the academic community
  • Communicate effectively among partners and stakeholders, including students, professors, staff, community members, PASSHE counterparts, and library consortial colleagues
  • Contribute to an understanding of the University's organizational history and its place in the surrounding community
  • Welcome local and visiting patrons
  • Work with Bloomsburg Public Library and complement one another's work

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