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PASSHE Template

PA State System of Higher Education

Academic Program Review



5-Year Program Review Report


Department of____________

PASSHE Program Review Template

Descriptive Information


  • List the name of the program along with the award, CIP code, and all delivery method(s).
  • Provide the names, titles, and relationship to the department for every member of the review team.
  • Provide as an appendix a curriculum overview and academic map for program completion.  Along with the overview, please list all major and major-related courses.  If concentrations are offered, please list each concentration with all associated courses.  An example for a Baccalaureate program has been provided in Appendix A.
  • Describe any curriculum changes made to the program over the previous five years.  Include the date and the reason for the changes.
  • If relevant, describe the manner in which the offerings of other departments satisfy core and elective requirements and support the student learning outcomes of the program.


Vision of the Purpose of the Program and its Role in the University Mission

  • Describe how the program supports and is aligned with the Department, College, and University missions.  Please list each mission statement.
  • What is the department’s vision of where this program should be in five years, both within the university mission and within the academic discipline? 


Faculty & Staff

  • Provide a summary description of the current full-time faculty and staff, their academic preparation, professional experience and maintenance of current knowledge, teaching and research specializations.  Current resumes/curriculum vitae for all current full-time faculty and staff can be attached as an appendix.
  • Describe relevant faculty and staff development activities, in both teaching and research, over the past five years.  Relevant faculty development activities reported in other reports or documents can be included as an appendix.  
  • Describe and assess the numbers and qualifications of adjuncts teaching in the program.  Current resumes/curriculum vitae for adjuncts who have taught key courses in the program and/or who have taught in the program for two years or more can be attached as an appendix.


  • Provide a summary of the program budget along with the overall department budget.

Progress on Previous Goals

  • List all goals and associated outcomes from the previous program review. 
    • Include analysis, challenges, and comments

Summary of Program Achievements

  • List all faculty achievements (e.g. grants, publications, awards, etc.) that are relevant to the program.
  • List all achievements (e.g. publications, presentations, awards, etc.) by students enrolled in the program.

Program Appraisal

Review of Program Performance

  • Provide a summary of relevant performance data.
    • Program data provided by the Office of the Chancellor will include:
      • Headcount and FTE enrollment with filters for academic level (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) and ethnicity
      • Completions with filters for ethnicity
      • Student credit hours and student credit hours at graduation with filters for ethnicity and admit type (transfer or non-transfer)
      • Four-year and six-year graduation rates with filters for ethnicity
      • Retention rates with filters for year, term, and ethnicity
    • Additional data added by the Office of the Chancellor to the program review environment should be reviewed for inclusion in the review
    • Data not provided by the Office of the Chancellor but relevant can be provided along with a citation of the data source
  • Compare performance against declared institutional, departmental, and/or program targets
  • Describe any challenges or external factors that may have impacted the program performance

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Provide all student learning outcomes for the program.
  • Describe the plan for assessing student learning and results.
  • Analysis of findings from assessment plan.
    • Where is the program on track?
    • Where does the program need improvement to meet the student learning outcomes?
  • If applicable, describe other relevant program outcomes not directly related to specific student learning outcomes but otherwise noteworthy. 

Program Demand

  • What are the trends in number of student majors, enrollments and degrees granted since the previous review?
  • Are there any developments within the profession, local community, or the Commonwealth that identifies an anticipated need, or lack thereof, for the program in the future?  Include market research if available.

Academic Support Services

  • Describe departmental, college, and university services that support the program (e.g. writing center, learning center, computer laboratories, tutorial services)


  • Describe the current human, physical and fiscal resources that carry out the program goals and objectives.
  • Analysis of the adequacy of current staffing.
  • Analysis of the program’s physical resources.
  • Analysis of the program’s sources of funding. 

Environmental Analysis

  • Add results of certification exams, employer and alumni surveys as applicable.
  • List any notable changing student characteristics or demographics.
  • Describe any changes in technology or how technology is used that had or will have an impact on the program.
  • What are the top trends in the field or related fields, and how do they relate to existing curriculum and experiences? 
  • What areas of collaboration, either internal or external to PASSHE have been explored?  What was the outcome?


Recommended Improvement Areas

  • Based on data and analysis provided, please list areas of improvement where previous goals were not met or new priorities of focus for the program.

5 Year Strategic / Action Plan

  • What actions will be taken in the next 5 years to improve in underperforming areas?
    • List major goals for the program (4-6).
    • Describe the action plan needed to address each goal.
  • How will progress on each goal be measured?
    • Describe actions being taken to improve outcomes based on results of assessment plan. 
    • How does the program support the broader curricular needs of the institution?

Additional Information


  • Provide additional comments not addressed in other areas that would be helpful for a full program assessment.

Outside Assessments

External Reviewer’s Assessment

  • If applicable, include the external reviewer’s assessment.

Dean’s Assessment, Comments, and Planned Actions

Provost’s Assessment, Comments, and Planned Actions

Department’s Response to Outside Assessments

Required Signature Page


Appendix A

Curriculum Overview and Academic Map

Include all major and major-related courses.  If concentrations are offered, please list all courses associated with each concentration. 

Include an Academic Map that outlines the course sequence as appropriate for FT students over an 8 semester period and if applicable a course sequence if designed as degree completion for non-traditional students.  An example Academic Map is included below:

Appendix B

Master Course Syllabi with Omnibus Cover

(no examples provided)

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