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RDA 3R and RDA Toolkit

Information and links to information, web sites, webinars, etc. on RDA 3R and the RDA Toolkit

Getting Started with the New Toolkit

Just Some Login Quick Tips!

1: Be sure that you are accessing the new site at [], with the "s" in https.

2: It might appear that you are not logged into RDA Toolkit because you see the Profile Login box after logging in. But trust us, you are logged in. You will know for sure if the login box went from blue to dark blue, and you see your institution’s name on the left side of the top blue banner, just above the word “Entities.”

Online Training, Updates, etc.

Helpful Links

Tidbits of Info

The PCC Policy Committee has said that PCC will not be implementing the new RDA Toolkit before July 2022.

"It is my understanding that LC would prefer to train their catalogers in the new RDA using BIBFRAME and not MARC, and this will take some time to do that and create the application profiles for BIBFRAME. Training in the new Toolkit will not start before fall 2021, and possibly later, so it will be some time before LC & PCC adopt the new Toolkit RDA."--posts to RDA-L 4/23/2021

The new Toolkit was released in Dec. 2020.  The countdown clock on the removal of the original Toolkit will not start with the Switchover. The decision on when to remove the original Toolkit will be made at a later, yet-to-be-determined date. When that decision is made, an announcement will go out and the year-long countdown clock will begin shortly after.  Meanwhile, the original Toolkit is accessible through a link at the top of the new Toolkit

There will be a link to MARC format.

There is a link to the PDF of AACR2, just not a link from one rule to another.

You can search by MARC field (you can do that now).

The new Toolkit will be easier to work with for digital products.  It will help with cataloging of digital theses, OERs, and other born-digital content.

The Documents feature in the new Toolkit "allows users to create documents that can be used privately or shared locally or globally. The document categories are Workflow, Map, Local Policy (not the same as Policies), Training Material, and Reference. These are suggestions; users are not restricted to only these document types."
For more information, see the Help topic under "Personalizing RDA Toolkit": [] which is the source of the quote above.

Kathy Glennan
Chair, RDA Steering Committee
Head, Cataloging & Metadata Services
University of Maryland Libraries


RDA Toolkit 2019

PCC email 2019 12 11

From: Program for Cooperative Cataloging <PCCLIST@LISTSERV.LOC.GOV> On Behalf Of Jennifer W. Baxmeyer
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2019 2:41 PM
Subject: [PCCLIST] PCC and the new RDA (was: New task groups for RDA and LC-PCC Policy Statements)

Dear PCC colleagues,

This updates the email sent on August 21, 2019, by Beacher Wiggins and Xiaoli Li, announcing the formation of four LC-PCC task groups charged with working on specific areas of the new RDA that will likely require revised or new policy statements: aggregates, data provenance, diachronic works, and RDA element labels.

The four task groups have been working since the end of August and have submitted monthly reports to the Policy Committee and LC. The timeline for completing the recommendations related to policy statements in the beta RDA Toolkit has been modified slightly. LC still plans to begin loading existing policy statements into the beta RDA Toolkit in January, and final recommendations will be reviewed and decisions made by the end of May 2020.

The beta Toolkit will be launched as the new RDA Toolkit on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, but this will NOT be the PCC implementation date for the new RDA. The decision for a PCC implementation date for the new RDA will be made sometime between September and November 2020, after the new RDA workflow documents and policy statements have been loaded and evaluated. A later implementation date will also provide PCC with time to create proper documentation and ensure training materials are in place.

More information regarding LC-PCC policy statements and workflow documents in the beta RDA Toolkit is on the PCC website: [].

As a reminder, catalogers should continue to use the current RDA Toolkit, which contains the official versions of RDA and the LC-PCC Policy Statements, for their current work.

Thank you!


Jennifer Baxmeyer (she/her)

Chair, PCC Policy Committee

Interim Assistant University Librarian for Metadata Services

Princeton University Library

693 Alexander Road

Princeton NJ 08540

609.258.3631 [] 


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