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BIOLOGY 233: Human Genetics

Searching Gene Reviews

For your term paper, you'll be assuming the role of a genetic counselor or physician. You will be working with a patient who has some specific symptoms, as assigned by your professor. Based on the symptoms and the family history of the patient, you suspect their condition is genetic. Your first task will be to look up the patient's symptoms in GeneReveiws (listed on the Finding research page) to identify possible genetic syndromes that may be the cause of this patient's symptoms.

Here's a sample patient with symptoms/family history that we will use as an example:

Searching GeneReviews

You will need to come up with a list of keywords, based on theese symptoms, one or two-word phrases, and then search for the terms in GeneReviews, using the Advanced Search. TIP: It works best if you search for 2 or 3 keywords at a time, in different combinations. Be sure to select AND betweeen your terms and select All Fields for your terms:

Searching like a pro

In Google you can type in, "What's the weather like in New York City this weekend?" and receive an answer. But in databases, you need to dumb down your inquiry to short, important pieces of information to get relevant sources.
For example, if you are doing research to investigate gene regulation for the gene Glut4 specifically with regard to the transcription factor, you would not type in that ENTIRE sentence. Really you are looking for the meat of your sandwich: 
Glut4 AND gene regulation AND transcription factor
Once you have the meat, you can then start to put together a search strategy like the example below. Consider synonyms and related words as well so that you get ALL of the relevant possibilities for your research. So your search might look like this:

What if the full-text isn't available?

If you've tried using the library's link resolver, Full Text Finder, and no links to the full text appear, then you have two options:

1) try Google Scholar, in hopes the author has self-archived the full-text. Iif you are off-campus, go to Menu > Settings > Library Links > search for 'Bloomsburg' and select the 2 links for Bloomsburg that will then display

2) request the article through interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service provided by our library, through which students can request articles that the library doesn't have. At BU, students are not charged for ILL. Every student has an ILL account -- to access it, use the link below. More info here...

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