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What is 'Search Everything @ BU'?

Search Everything @ BU is the name of Bloomsburg University Library's EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). EDS searches most of Andruss Library's electronic subscription databases and journals as well as the Library's online catalog, PILOT, in one interface. Results are limited to materials available either through the Library (full-text online) or in the Library in physical format (hard copy).

How do I use 'Search Everything @ BU'?

Use it to find materials available either through the Library (full-text online) or in the Library in physical format (hard copy). You can further refine your search results by using the limiters (on the left), like:

  • Catalog Only (to find to books, ebooks, media, etc. owned by BU)
  • Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals (to find scholarly articles)
  • Source Types (to find specific sources, like news, academic journals, books, ebooks, etc.)
  • Subject (to find items focused on a specific topic)
  • And so on...

If you want to find materials available anywhere, not just at BU, simply ‘x-out’ or uncheck the ‘Available in Library Collections’ limiter:


To obtain materials not available from the BU Library, use Interlibrary Loan services: the Library will usually obtain the item on your behalf, at no charge to you.

How do I use 'Search Everthing @ BU' to find a book?

To search for a book in the Bloomsburg University Andruss Library using 'Search Everything @ BU,' type your search terms into the box, and on the results page check the limiter for Catalog Only:

You can further refine your results by limiting them to Source type > Books and Ebooks or other formats.

You may also use the BU Books & More tab to search the Catalog (called PILOT) directly. Watch this video on how to search PILOT.

To find books available anywhere, try using Google Books or

How do I find 'scholarly' peer-reviewed articles?

You can use 'Search Everything @ BU' to find scholarly, peer-reviewed articles available full-text. On the results page, simply check the limiter:

You can also get the same results using the third tab in the search box, labeled 'Search Articles':

More questions about searching?

What databases are NOT included in 'Search Everything'?

The following library database subscriptions are not currently indexed in 'Search Everything' and should be searched separately.

What databases ARE included in 'Search Everything'?

'Search Everything' searches most of the Library's databases as well as hundreds of other online databases and journals included in the EDS 'unified index', which uses a sophisticated search algorithm. EDS was customized for Bloomsburg University Library to include its resources and was dubbed 'Search Everything'.

Following is a list of the databases that are included in 'Search Everything' (some databases are in the process of being added to EDS). If you have any questions about content, Ask a Librarian.

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