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MUSIC 322: Music History II

Printed Scores

Andruss Library owns the collected scores of several major composers, as well as many individual opera, piano, guitar, and orchestra scores.  Most of these are located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Library; some are located in the "small scores" collection on the 1st floor (see In the Stacks section below).  All scores can be searched in the Library's online catalog or with the Everything search.

Tips on Searching Scores in the Library’s online catalog

Don’t search for the word “score.”  This search only retrieves those records that have the actual word “score” in the record.  Earlier cataloging rules did not always use the word “score.” 

Use “Guided Search” in Primo

 Once you are in Primo, online catalog, you can search by various combinations of composer name, words from the title,  instrument, type of composition (e.g., sonata?—use a ? at the end to retrieve both singular and plural forms of the words).  Choose “all of these” and “Keyword anywhere.”  You can also search for all works by a known composer by searching for the composer’s name as an Author Name and limiting the results to Item Type: Music Score.

It will be VERY helpful to limit your search to Item Type: Music Score (use the Search Limits box in the bottom right corner of the big gray box.)  This will help weed out books about music (criticism) and will retrieve MOST of our scores.  It will miss some (not many) scores  because of the different ways libraries have cataloged scores over the years.  (We use a shared database to obtain cataloging records for our own catalog, and the coding in these records differs between scores and books.  So if another library has cataloged a score like a book, and we used that record, it will appear as a book in our catalog.)

Use “Basic Search” in Primo

 In the Library’s catalog, a Basic search by call number on M1 will list all the scores in the General Collection in call number order.  A Basic search by call number search on the word “Score” will list all the scores in the “small score” collection.  (See below for more information on this.)  M20 will list all piano scores.  You cannot use Search Limits on a call number search.

In the Stacks

Most printed music scores are located in the General Collection.  Within the General Collection, the scores are classified from M1 to M5000.  The Library also has a separately classified collection of small scores (i.e., less than 100 pages) that are classified differently; their call number begins with the word Score and then are arranged alphabetically by composer (for example, all of Beethoven’s scores in this collection will be together.)

Regular size scores in the General Collection are found on the 3rd floor; oversize General Collection scores are found in the Oversize collection on the 4th floor.  The small Scores collection is housed in a filing cabinet on the 1st floor of the Library.  (Our intention is to integrate these small scores back into the General Collection at some point.)   We also have a few older scores in the Microfiche Collection; these are not all in the catalog yet, so contact me for more information about these.

In the General Collection, all scores by a single composer are NOT shelved together unless the publication is a complete edition of the composer’s works.  For example, a separately published piano score by Beethoven will be shelved separately from the score of one of his symphonies.

Within the M1 to M5000 call number range, the scores are in order as follows:

Collected works of individual composers

Instrumental music (then broken down by individual instruments, then ensembles)

Vocal music

Under each subsection is a section for Collections and Separate Works, each arranged alphabetically by composer. 

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