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Biology Research Topics

A directory for an online database for articles sorted by different tags/topics for students to read different areas of Biology for ideas of research and to expand previous studies while attending Bloomsburg University

Contact Author

Mike Facella

Contact info: mjf21359@huskies.bloomu

Research areas: Freshwater ecology and microplastics

Mary Ann Bogert 

Contact information:

Research Areas:

RefWorks URLs

Below are hyper links to refworks where I sorted different areas of research. After you click the hyper link, on the left hand side there should be subfolders that go into different areas of the main topic you clicked. This link will drop you lower on the page to how to use refworks, so feel free to read up on how you should use the website. I copy and pasted pictures of what you should see when you use the website and how to navigate through it.  

How to join RefWorks folder

1) Get to the website:  Make sure your account is made with your Bloomu email address.

2) Click on sharing tab and click on the "Folders at Bloomsburg University"

You should see this on your screen. On the right hand side, there is options to join the folder. Click to join the folders to be able to look at the folder. 

Biology Research Topics: Shared RefWorks Folders

How to use

Explore various biology topics for possible research, by reading selected research article references. The references are organized in Bloomsburg University's Shared RefWorks folders. (RefWorks is a bibliographic management program your professors recommend you use to track research. Instructions on how to create an account are provided here. Having an account will also let you easily get to the full text of the articles.)

To view the references, first select a topic (listed above), for example, Skeleton Criminology--


Click on the folder name to link to RefWorks, where the folder name displays with its subfolders below it (e.g., Sea urchins and Starfish):


Click on a subfolder to view the citations it contains. For example, clicking on the Sea urchins subfolder displays these:


To view the complete citation with abstract (a brief description of an article), click on the article title, and the abstract will display on the right:


From here, you have two options to view the article.   

Option 1)

Click on the "get full-text @ Bloom U" on the right hand side of RefWorks once you selected an article. 

It will bring you to these options if you click "Get full-text @ Bloom U" (look below for what you should be seeing once you click that option)








From the picture above, you have lots of options. The option I prefer to be the easiest in this method would be to click on the "search for more info on this title in Google Scholar". (If the article turns out to be not available unless you buy it, you are welcome to submit a request an "Interlibrary Loan". I sorted every article to have a tag so you know if the article is available or not. If the article is not available, it will contain a tag that says "Loan", if it is available, it will contain the tag "Available").

Once you get the Google Scholar option, it will bring you to the screen below. You can click the option for the PDF for the entire article or you can click on the title of the article, which would bring you to the website that it has been published/made available on. 



Option 2)

You can scroll down on the right hand side of RefWorks once you click on an article you are interested in and you can see that there is an option that says "URL". I inserted most articles with a click-able URL to bring you to where the article is published/made available. Most of these links should work and will save you time in finding the article. If the URL doesn't work, default to option 1 of viewing the article or email the authors of the Biology Research Topics library website so we can fix the URL link to ensure that it doesn't happen for that article again. Just let us know the title of the article and we will fix it. 

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