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Library Research Tutorial

Complete the tutorial modules below to learn how to successfully use library resources for research papers and projects. Questions? Ask Us!

  • Students -- if your professor requires you to complete the tutorial and quizzes: Read this
  • Faculty -- if you plan on using the tutorial in a course: Read this (and the student instructions)
  • Attention Mac users: If you use an Apple computer, check/change settings for Modules 1-2 and 5-6 to allow auto-play of tutorial
  • Any questions or comments about the tutorial? Ask us

1. How do I search? (7 minutes, 3 quiz questions)

  • Search logic

  • Research topic

  • Finding keywords

  • Initial search

2. What sources can I use? (7 minutes, 3 quiz questions)
  • Types of sources

  • College-level sources

  • Finding and evaluating sources

3. How to find books in Andruss Library * (8 minutes, 4 quiz questions)

  • Finding and using print and ebooks in Andruss Library

  • Locating a print book on the shelf

  • Checking out a print book

*Different format

4. How to find articles in Andruss Library * (9 minutes, 4 quiz questions)

  • Searching for articles on a topic using

    • Search Everything @ BU

    • Specialized databases on the Database A-Z & by Subject list

  • How to use Full Text Finder in any library database to get the full-text of an article

*Different format

5. How can I use the web? (12 minutes, 3 quiz questions)
  • Searching the web effectively

  • Using Google wisely

  • Evaluating web pages

  • Using Google Scholar

6. How do I cite sources? (15 minutes, 3 quiz questions)
  • Why cite?

  • What belongs in a citation?

  • Quick citation sources

  • RefWorks (intro)

To Faculty Using the Library ResearchTutorial in a Course

The Library Research Tutorial (formerly called the General Library Research Tutorial or GLRT) is comprised of 6 modules, each with its own quiz, and takes approximately 1 - 2 hours to complete. See the descriptions above for more information on content, time to complete the modules, and the number of questions per quiz.

You can assign any or all of the modules and their quizzes to your students and have them save or print their results as PDFs to hand in. Or you can assign all of the modules and have them complete one quiz with all 20 questions.

  • If you want your students to take the 20-question quiz, email us for the link at, with the subject line, 'Request link for 20-question Library Research Tutorial Quiz.' 
  • If you want the library to send you their quiz results, send us an email requesting your students' scores, with the subject line: "Request results for 20-question Library Research Tutorial'..

For a 'lite' version of the LRT, assign module 3, Finding books in Andruss Library, and module 4, Finding articles in Andruss Library. Together they provide a shorter, less theoretical introduction to using specific library's resources.

Please note that the tutorial is a work in progress, so we welcome your feedback! If you have suggestions for revisions/deletions/additions, please let us know using the Suggestion Box.

Thank you!

Andruss Library Faculty


The contents of the new General Library Research Tutorial may be reused with attribution. Please copy the following into new works based on the tutorial:

Adapted from an Information Literacy Tutorial licensed by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License, based on a work at Content has been substantially changed to reflect local practices and in some cases omitted for the sake of brevity.  

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