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3rd Floor Exhibit

100 Years of History:

Telling the Story of 1918 Alumna

Ruth Hutton Ancker


Ruth Hutton
Ruth Hutton Ancker chiseling out a bust c.1950

The story of Bloomsburg State Normal School Alumna, Ruth Hutton Ancker, is quite a remarkable one. Graduating exactly 100 years ago in the class of 1918 with a teacher’s certificate, Ruth embarked on the journey of a lifetime. Her thirst for knowledge and strong work ethic allowed her to continue learning long after her academic career in Bloomsburg ended. After leaving the little town where she was born and raised, she would go on to lead a successful career in fashion design and illustration, travel across the globe, teach in higher education at a number of Universities around the country, and become a world renowned sculptor. Even though her career took her to faraway places to study fashion trends and exhibit her artwork, she never forgot her Alma mater.


The exhibit on display on the third floor of the Andruss Library features a display for each chapter of Hutton Ancker’s story, including her earliest works in fashion illustration, her innovative teaching methods in higher education, and her exhibitions as a sculptor. Each case includes a number of photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, official documents, and original works of art done by Hutton Ancker and her students. The exhibit will be on display until September 7th, 2018.



Virtual Exhibits

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